Holy crap! Long time, no updates! Sorry about that. First of all, the cd is FINALLY almost done. I’m just being a nitpicky jerk with my vocals, so you can blame me (Dennis) for that. Other than that, it is sounding absolutely fucking killer, and hopefully we can schedule a cd release sometime in the very near future!

The next order of business is to take care of the shows that we have coming up! First, if you live in Winnipeg, be sure to check out this show:


We are opening the show at 10pm, and it will be a nonstop ear-shattering assault for the whole night, so you don’t want to be late!

Finally, we are going on a tiny weekend tour in Dauphin and Brandon on December 1st and 2nd respectively with Beyond Betrayal (Scott’s other band), Port Amoral, and Putrescence (you know, a band that a certain Colostomy Bag Darrell is in, whoever that guy is!!!), so if you’re in either of those fine municipalities, please don’t be a stranger!