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New Album Complete (FINALLY!)

August 8, 2011

Good News!

We’ve finally completed the album, and will be available August 10th! We’ve packed the album with 12 songs which comes just over 50 minutes! Check out our facebook for a sample track and a look at the artwork!

Click here!


Status Update On New Album!

January 7, 2009

First off, happy new year everyone! I hope 2008 was as successful for you as it was for us!

We currently have 7 songs completely learned for the new album, with another 3 or 4 quickly on the way. We’re hoping to be recording as soon as possible.

There’s no name for the new album yet, but don’t expect Dissolution to sway too far from the herd on this one. Think more evolution than revolution!


New Dissolution Demo!

March 24, 2008

We’ve put out another demo as proof to everyone that we’re still working and alive! We don’t post information often, but when we do, it’s quality. While you’re at it, listen to the new songs here!

Our Myspace


Dying. Dead. Undead. Released!

June 18, 2007

After much anticipation, “Dying. Dead. Undead.” has been released! You can either get it from one of us here in the city or go to our media section and purchase the album through paypal in our media section!



February 28, 2007

That’s right, you read that correctly! Our CD is finally complete. It is called “Dying. Dead. Undead.” and we hope to have it released sometime in April or May of this, the year 2007. We will update again once we know for sure when and where we can snag a venue to hold our CD release! The album art isn’t done yet, but we thought that we would celebrate this momentous occasion anyways, by posting two brand-spanking-new songs on our myspace page!

You can reach our myspace page by clicking here –> http://myspace.com/dissolutionca

We encourage everyone to listen, add us to your friends list (if you have a myspace account) and let us know what you think!

Also, we have a few shows coming up! It sure has been a while. Here is the lowdown:

March 2-3 – We will be appearing at the Zoo (Osbourne Village Inn, 160 Osbourne St. in Winnipeg) with our pals Cunt Punisher, and an AC/DC tribute band called “Whole Lotta Angus” on both days, with 2MSU and Floodlight also appearing on the 2nd and Trophy Wife and HCE also appearing on the 3rd.

June 15 – We”re opening for DYING FETUS at the Zoo as well. Also appearing that night are Bloodshoteye, Covenence and Besieged.

We can promise that your face and ears will be bleeding or numb by the ends of all of these nights!


Studio Report/More shows!

November 8, 2006

Holy crap! Long time, no updates! Sorry about that. First of all, the cd is FINALLY almost done. I’m just being a nitpicky jerk with my vocals, so you can blame me (Dennis) for that. Other than that, it is sounding absolutely fucking killer, and hopefully we can schedule a cd release sometime in the very near future!

The next order of business is to take care of the shows that we have coming up! First, if you live in Winnipeg, be sure to check out this show:


We are opening the show at 10pm, and it will be a nonstop ear-shattering assault for the whole night, so you don’t want to be late!

Finally, we are going on a tiny weekend tour in Dauphin and Brandon on December 1st and 2nd respectively with Beyond Betrayal (Scott’s other band), Port Amoral, and Putrescence (you know, a band that a certain Colostomy Bag Darrell is in, whoever that guy is!!!), so if you’re in either of those fine municipalities, please don’t be a stranger!


Studio Report/Show in Brandon!

July 11, 2006

Just thought I should duck in and let all those interested know that all of the drums, almost all of the guitars and about half of the bass is done for the CD! We”ll be finishing that up shortly!

Here’s a preview practice video of us jamming out the song “Revivification” that will be on the album:


You can always become our Myspace friend and comment on the video page directly if you”d like right here!

Also, to anyone from Brandon, Manitoba that is interested, we will be playing a show with Scott”s other band Beyond Betrayal on Friday, August 18th at the North Hill Inn, so be there! The poster that Scott made is right here:



We’re still alive!!

February 15, 2006

We’ve been working on getting some more shows going, and trying to get some recording done. Check out the shows section for an updated list of shows!

Oh, and visit the forum while you”re at it.


Host Change

October 17, 2005

Fair warning, the site may be down for a couple days due to host changing!!


Welcome Scott Patterson!

August 21, 2005

We would like to welcome Scott Patterson as the new drummer for Dissolution! Robot Drummer was getting a little out of control, so we had to ask him to leave the band. Scott may not be a machine, but damn it, he’s trying!