That’s right, you read that correctly! Our CD is finally complete. It is called “Dying. Dead. Undead.” and we hope to have it released sometime in April or May of this, the year 2007. We will update again once we know for sure when and where we can snag a venue to hold our CD release! The album art isn’t done yet, but we thought that we would celebrate this momentous occasion anyways, by posting two brand-spanking-new songs on our myspace page!

You can reach our myspace page by clicking here –>

We encourage everyone to listen, add us to your friends list (if you have a myspace account) and let us know what you think!

Also, we have a few shows coming up! It sure has been a while. Here is the lowdown:

March 2-3 – We will be appearing at the Zoo (Osbourne Village Inn, 160 Osbourne St. in Winnipeg) with our pals Cunt Punisher, and an AC/DC tribute band called “Whole Lotta Angus” on both days, with 2MSU and Floodlight also appearing on the 2nd and Trophy Wife and HCE also appearing on the 3rd.

June 15 – We”re opening for DYING FETUS at the Zoo as well. Also appearing that night are Bloodshoteye, Covenence and Besieged.

We can promise that your face and ears will be bleeding or numb by the ends of all of these nights!