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The Short Version:

Dissolution are a Thrash/Tech/Melodic/Death Metal band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Dissolution have released two albums and have a third album coming out very shortly.  Over their 10 years of existence, Dissolution have shared the stage with such international acts as: Napalm Death, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Dismember, 3 Inches of Blood, Quo Vadis, Augury, Fuck The Facts, and Skeletonwitch.

The TL;DR Version:

Dissolution was formed in 2003 by Ryan Forsyth and Dennis Mott.  After writing a few songs and posting on a couple of local message boards looking for band members, Graeme Martin eventually auditioned for drums.  He didn’t make the cut as a drummer, but was persistent and also auditioned for bass.  He made the cut for bass.  The three then tried out and attempted jamming with a few different drummers, and eventually played their first show in early 2005 with Dave Boyle, the drummer in Dennis’s former band, Deadfall.  Dave, however wasn’t interested in continuing on at the time, and the trio decided to attempt to jam with programmed drum tracks, since they had a show booked already before Dave quit.

The first show with the drum machine (or more correctly, a Discman that played a burned CDR with the drum tracks to the songs on it) went over surprisingly well, so instead of waiting around for a drummer, Dissolution decided to play a few more shows with their Discman drummer, who was dubbed “Robot Drummer” and given a ludicrous backstory, complete with a substance abuse problem, and a “party animal” personality [photographic evidence here].  These few shows culminated in their first “bigger show” opening for Quo Vadis and Augury in mid 2005.  By this point in time, SP had recently moved to Winnipeg from his hometown of Brandon, Manitoba, and wanted to waste no time in joining a band as soon as he got to town.  So, an audition was set up, and S auditioned, and was almost immediately welcomed into the fold, being the only person up to that point who auditioned who could actually play “Cursed Bloodline” up to speed.

Dissolution then spent the next year playing shows while writing, demoing, practicing, honing, recording and mixing their first album, “Dying. Dead. Undead.” which was a long learning process in recording for the band, since they decided to handle production duties themselves, not being particularly interested in the recording options within their price range.  “Dying. Dead. Undead.” was eventually released in time to open for death metal legends Dying Fetus in June of 2007.  The release of the album also saw the departure of Graeme Martin.

Being an incomplete band, Dissolution spent the next several months writing new material and searching for a new bass player.  By late 2007, Dissolution was joined by Jean Wittinger on Bass.  Dissolution played a few shows with Jean and by mid-2008 recorded a 3 song demo of material that would become the first three songs written for 2011’s “Dirt Skies,” however by late 2008 Jean’s schedule didn’t allow for time for Dissolution, leaving the Bass slot open yet again.

Again being an incomplete band, Dissolution spent the next several months writing new material and searching for a bass player. By mid-2009 Dissolution was able to fill the Bass slot with Matt Stanicky.  Again, after a year and a half of playing shows, finishing writing parts, honing arrangements, demoing, recording and mixing, Dissolution released their second full length album, “Dirt Skies” in August of 2011.

Dissolution again spent several months playing more shows and writing new material for what would become 2014’s “Natural Selection” but by the end of 2012 Ryan Forsyth had to temporarily leave the band due to scheduling and health reasons.  In the interim, Dissolution persevered again as a 3-piece, still slowly working on the production of their still yet to be released third album and playing a couple of shows.

The summer of 2013 saw the introduction of Jay Edwards into the Dissolution camp.  Initially intended to replace Ryan on guitar, two events happened simultaneously that made Jay decide to hop over to Bass.  First, the departure of Matt due to a career opportunity out of town, and second, the re-joining of Ryan on guitar.

After the slow production process, early 2014 will see the release of Dissolution’s third album, “Natural Selection” and hopefully many more big things.  Stay Tuned!